In the beginning....

When I was sixteen, I read the Irving Stone novel, “Lust for Life”.
It was a biography of Vincent Van Gogh and, after finishing it I knew I was a painter and I HAD to paint. Now some 45 years later I am still painting, both scared and excited through each step of the creative process involved in completing a beautiful design.
I am very attracted to flowers and natural forms. Throughout the history of textile design floral images have been incorporated into design to reflect emotions both serious and whimsical. I am continually inspired by designs of textile artists of all historical periods and ethnic backgrounds.
Most recently, my own garden has been the root of my inspiration. Each day there is something new to see: a deeply scarlet nasturtium, a dahlia plant reappearing full of buds, or morning glories winding their way up the trellis. From the daily tending of my garden, my newest line, "Watercolor Garden", is emerging. My vision includes designs that have the feel of beautiful watercolor paintings, containing the energy and enthusiasm of a garden in bloom with leaves, stems and blooms all competing for your attention.