Bleach Discharge Linen

I have been exploring working with bleach discharge on linen. The first piece I tried was on suiting weight natural linen as pictures in the samples above. The top photo is of the linen after the bleach discharge. The bottom image is of a square of the same fabic after I painted color into the bleached shapes. I really love this technique and started working on a 36"x36" piece of sheer black linen. I bleached out a large paisley pattern and painted in the details of the paisley design. The final step was to set the dye and wash out the resist...OMG! The fabric began to disintegrate in the cold water and I was left with beautifully shredded piece of fabric! Lesson learned...use heavier weight fabic! I have now begun to recreate the paisley design on black suiting weight linen and will post the results!